Multichampion, Maailman Voittaja –98 ja Euroopan Voittaja –98 Tajmadoran Fidius
RAFFE, s. 28.03.1995 k. 25.07.2008raffe.jpg

Raffe, a male Portugese water dog, passed away in summer 2008 leaving a huge and blank hole in our family. Raffe’s personality was aristocratic. Rarely one gets to meet a creature with such incredible nerves Raffe was equipped with. The Champion that lived in our home was a living legend. Raffe’s position in our family had many dimensions. To the members of the family Raffe’s success created comfort, even during tough times – the other dogs, on the other hand, were kept toe the line as Raffe controlled everyday life expressionless reliability. Raffe had the patience to teach manners even to all the bravest little wheaten puppies, but in the end, oldness took over. Raffe’s spirit and ashes are preserved in a little green bottle that was buried under a familiar apple tree at grandmas. Raffe’s accomplishments in dog shows can be considered notable even in standards of all the dog breeds. His greatest achievements were the titles of the European Champion and World Champion, both won in 1998.